Colosseum Top to Bottom Tour

Top to Bottom Tour

The Key Facts

Semi-Private Tour

Saturday and Sunday at 8.30am

Small Group Tour

Saturday and Sunday at 8.30am

Group Sizes:

Semi-Private Tour: 2-6 people

Small Group Tour: 4-12 people


2 Hours

  • Experience awe as the Colosseum’s grandeur transports you to ancient Rome.
  • Get access to exclusive areas, from the underground floor to the upper levels
  • Explore a network of tunnels and cells beneath the floor of the main arena.
  • Learn about the political context that inspired the Colosseum’s construction.
  • Uncover the story of the ancient amphitheater’s evolution through the ages.
  • Choose between a Semi-Private Tour of only 6 people, or joining a Small Group Tour of up to 12 people.

Semi-Private Tour

Only 6 people per tour
  • Adult: €210
  • Child (aged 5-17 on the day of the tour): €170
  • Infant (aged 0-4 on the day of the tour): Free

Small Group Tour

Only 12 people per tour
  • Adult: €140
  • Child (aged 5-17 on the day of the tour): €110
  • Infant (aged 0-4 on the day of the tour): Free

Semi-Private Tour

Daily at 9.00am

Small Group Tour

Daily at 9.00am



See the Colosseum in Rome from top to bottom on an in-depth tour with skip-the-line tickets to the underground, arena, and upper floors.

Learn about the history and construction of this amphitheater.

Explore all levels of the Colosseum, understanding the history and construction of this ancient building in Rome, with skip-the-entry tickets included. Get entry into areas that are closed to other ticket holders, including the underground and arena levels.

Discover the diverse gladiator types, animal battles, and naval contests hosted within this remarkable structure. Dispelling popular myths, leave the tour with a genuine understanding and appreciation of the Colosseum’s rich history.

Follow your local guide to all levels of the Colosseum, from the underground which operated as a backstage area for the games that took place, to the arena floor, where you will follow in the footsteps of the gladiators who fought here.

Then head to the upper levels, where you can enjoy the view from where the bloodthirsty mob of Rome sat for the spectacles. Relive the bloody gladiator games and animal hunts that took place in this amphitheater.

Listen as your guide explains the political scene that inspired its construction, offering a glimpse into the significance of the location and what stood there before. Learn how it was built with materials that have withstood almost 2 millennia, and understand why it deteriorated in the Middle Ages.

For the complete tour of Ancient Rome, add a visit to the nearby Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. This visit lasts 1.5 hours.

Learn the history of Ancient Rome as you walk among 2000 year old ruins.

Stroll through the Roman Forum, where Romans lived out their daily lives. Here, politics, business, state funerals and military parades all took centre stage. See the wall on which famous orators such as Cicero made their speeches.

Take a look at the remains of the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina and the temples of Julius Caesar and Romulus.

Listen to your guide’s explanations about the history of the Forum and what the temples, arches, and monuments were used for. Hear about all the activities that took place in this sacred part of Ancient Rome during the days of the Roman Republic.

Visit the Palatine Hill, which was home to the wealthiest of Rome’s noble citizens during the time of the Republic, and later, exclusively the emperor.

Today, you can still see remains of some of the imperial palace’s former splendour.

The Palatine Hill looked over the Roman Forum, and it was no accident that the elite ruling class of Rome resided there, eventually becoming home to the Emperors, who built such large residences that the word “palace” takes its name from the hill. Another reason for the importance of this hill was its legendary connection with the birth of Rome.

A visit to the Palatine Hill is a must if you want to understand how the Romans felt about their city.

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