Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is flexible, friendly and fair.

To cancel – or change – your booking, please click on the link in your confirmation email.

We know that plans can change, and last-minute hiccups can happen. So we have created the fairest policy possible, while taking into account the costs we incur when tours are cancelled, due to non-refundable tickets we have purchased on your behalf, our legal obligation to pay guides in full for tours cancelled with 72 hours notice or less. We do also take a hit when you cancel closer to the date of your tour, but we take some of the pain away from you also, unlike several Online Tour Operators such as Get Your Guide and Viator, who will give you back a big fat zero if you cancel with short notice!

How to cancel:

If you have booked your tour through a third party distributor: Please contact them directly to cancel or re-book your tour.

If you made your booking directly with Rome Group Tours: please contact our Customer Care team by email.

Note on fees:

When you book a tour with us, the fee you pay includes a tour fee (covering guide fee, radios, admin costs etc), as well as any entrance ticket fees for sites that require them (eg the Colosseum, Vatican Museums, Pantheon).

While we include the cost of entrance tickets in the price you pay to us, these entrance tickets are not refundable. This is because when we book these tickets for you, we have to enter your names on the tickets, and the staff at the entrances to sites check the names against your IDs. This means that we cannot use the tickets for anybody but you, and as they are not refundable to us, we cannot refund them to you.

The rest of the tour fee, apart from the ticket portion, is refundable upon cancellation according to the policy below:

Cancellation up to 1 month before your tour

10% cancellation fee up to 31 days before your tour departure. This is just to cover the commission taken by Stripe for your credit card payment, which they do not refund.

Cancellation up to 1 week before your tour

25% cancellation fee up to 7 days before your tour departure. We will refund you 75% of what you have paid, retaining only 25% to cover the costs of cancellation we incur.

Cancellation up to 72 hours before your tour

50% cancellation fee. We will refund you 50% of what you have paid up to 72 hours before the tour departure time.

Cancellation up to 24 hours before your tour

80% cancellation fee. Although at this point we are legally obliged to pay our guides the full tour fee and therefore cannot recoup any of our tour costs, we will still refund you 25% of what you have paid up to 24 hours before the tour departure time.

last-minute cancellation, or no-shows

90% cancellation fee. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the tour departure time, or even if you stand us up, we will still give you back 10% of your fee, just to show there are no hard feelings, and we can still be friends!

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