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Our Vision

We want to share our love and passion for Rome with our customers, by creating the best itineraries for the most popular attractions. We respond to demand and suggestions from our customers, and will create itineraries to bring the best of Rome to all our clients, with the very best guides in Rome!


Our Guides

Our guides are the best in the business! We only work with the very best guides, which for us means:

  • Perfect English. Not just fluent, but natural speakers – all our guides are either mother-tongue English speakers, or have lived in an English-speaking country long enough to speak the language as fluently as any native!
  • Unquestionable knowledge. All of our guides have exceptional knowledge of the history of Rome, archaeology, architecture, art history and Italian culture. In addition to local knowledge on getting around, so they can advise you on where to eat and visit after your tour with us! Ask them anything!
  • Fully licenced as a tour guide in Rome. It should go without saying, but sadly it doesn’t! Some guides operate illegally and some companies hire them, which is also illegal, but not us.
  • An award-winning personality! Being knowledgeable and speaking perfect English is great, but to work with us, a tour guide must match our genuine pleasure in meeting and talking to people. They will greet you with a smile and happily answer all of your questions – not because it is their job, but because they enjoy it!
  • A genuine passion for Rome. Our guides all agree that they do not work for a living! Because their job is such a pleasure – we all just love sharing our knowledge about and love for this city that we don’t feel like we work a day in our lives!!!



Our goal is to continue adding new exciting itineraries to our website, encouraging visitors to Rome to explore more of the city and its many, many attractions.

We completely understand that for the first-time visitor, with a limited amount of time available, you will have the same bucket list as every other first-timer! This is why we have tours for all of the “must-see” sights of Rome available, covering the Vatican City, Ancient Rome and the Historic Centre.

The Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona are all covered by these tours, always avaiolable in small groups of 12 people or semi-private groups of only 6 people.

As residents in Rome, however, and with our knowledge and love for all that Rome has to offer, we hope and want to show you more of Rome’s many other attractions! The Borghese Gallery, Trastevere, the Maxxi museum of modern art, Tivoli, EUR, the catacombs, Appia Antica – the list goes on and we desperately would love to share these amazing sites, and their place in the story of Rome, with you all!

Unfortunately, as we offer small group tours and strive to keep the price down to make the tours affordable to as many people as possible without sacrificing any of the qualities that make our tours great, we need to have enough demand to put different people together, to be able to add these new itineraries to our list of tours.

We have already been able to add a tour of Ostia Antica, an ancient seaside town just outside of Rome and comparable to Pompeii as a must-see archaeological site, to our list of tours.

We hope to be able to showcase more of our wonderful city with our small groups as we go forward, so we encourage you to contact us with your requests for tours to any places not currently available on our website. If we notice demand for these hidden gems, we will be only too glad to put you together with other interested customers, and hopefully be able to add these as scheduled group and semi-private tours on our website in the very near future!

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So do it right. Take the hassle out of planning your trip to Rome with our friendly, proven local guides and experts, and start looking forward to seeing the very best of Rome!

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