Vandals smear the Pantheon with blue paint: “Aliens exist”

Smeared with the words "Aliens exist". Finding out who did it will be difficult: it looks like the surveillance cameras have long since been out of order.

” Aliens exist “, aliens exist. This is the writing that appeared two days ago on the walls of the Pantheon, together with the design of two stylized flying saucers. One of the most famous monuments of the city of Rome, built almost 2000 years ago, was scarred by some vandals armed with blue paint. To discover the paint on the wall, now defaced, of the monument, were the residents of the area and the Superintendency, which has already organized itself to erase the scar and return the Pantheon wall as it was before.

Rome Graffiti

The investigations: the cameras out of order


According to the first hypotheses, the scar appeared in the night between Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 July. As we read in the Corriere della Sera , the police immediately searched the cameras to examine any video, but the external video surveillance circuit seems to be out of order: the Pantheon, as one of the shopkeepers in the area told the newspaper , it would be completely devoid of it at least on the outside and even those of the surrounding shops would not have taken up the scene.

“We share the CCTV system with the diocese inside, while outside the cameras present are under the responsibility of the municipality, but I believe that those are now part of a circuit that was abandoned long ago and never restored – said Gabriella Musto, the director of the Pantheon – Until fifteen years ago the Pantheon complex was protected by a gate, then removed amid a thousand controversies: now there is an internal debate within the Cultural Heritage on whether to restore these closures. “

The restoration of the Pantheon wall

The dimensions of the scar in blue paint are quite large, but the State Superintendency has already commissioned some restorers to remove it. “I have just received their report: we will need a solvent and then a laser technique that seems to be safe and fast – explained Mariastella Margozza, director of the state museums in Rome – Between Monday and next Tuesday we should be able to erase this mess”. Furthermore, other similar scars were also used to mark the walls of ancient buildings on Via Monterone: “At first we thought of some esoteric sect linked to the specificity of the Pantheon historically placed between the sacred and the profane, but then we heard disturbing rumors that link this fact to the political scenario of the last few days. “

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